11 Ways To Overcome Grief and Worry

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Youth Club Blog

By Umm Ibrahim

It’s raining. My mind is working on overdrive. It seems to be the perfect time to write! I need to pen down some things- some things I really need to reiterate to myself and that you really need to know too. Let me tell you something: I seem to be stuck in a rut since years. There’s this problem that refuses to solve itself, it gets better for a while- and then returns to just being more complicated. There have been countless nights crying in the pillow or on the musalla, or just pacing around in the bedroom.

Think of your own problems- a loved one’s death, a disease, a rift in the family, a divorce, that rishta, that job, that opposition, those cutting remarks, the repeated failures- whatever it is, when we brood on our troubles, we start to feel really down and depressed…

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